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college football live stream free reddit:Wife allegedly tried to kill her Air Force husband — he claims he caught her trying to poison his coffee

An Arizona woman is accused of trying to kill her husband by poisoning his coffee. Melody Feliciano Johnson's husband, who is in the Air Force, was suspicious of his wife and did not drink the coffee she had been prepping for him, according to court documents.

The couple, who have a child together, were going through a divorce while living in Germany. The husband, whose name was redacted from the police report, noticed that the coffee his wife prepped at night for him to drink in the morning started tasting bad. He told police he is the only one who drinks coffee from the machine.

He told investigators he bought pool chlorine testing strips and started testing his faucet water and the water in his coffee and found while the faucet water was normal, the coffee had high levels of chlorine. 

He stopped drinking the coffee but didn't immediately report his wife while they were in Germany. Instead, when they moved to Arizona on June 28, he decided to set up cameras in their new home on Davis Mountain Air Force Base. 

On a video he recorded, he saw Johnson pour something into the water reservoir, according to court documents. He filed a police report with the Tuscon Police Department but there was no follow-up, so he bought additional cameras – placing one in the laundry room, where the bleach was kept. 

One video showed his wife allegedly walking from the laundry room to the coffee maker. Another video showed her allegedly pouring bleach into a smaller container then walking it over to the coffee maker.

After the husband collected multiple videos to make his police report, police detained Johnson at home. Investigators searched the home with a warrant and found a liquid in the coffee maker that smelled like bleach. They also found a container that smelled like bleach.

Johnson faces charges of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault and adding harmful substances to food, drink or medicine.

Last month, a high bond was requested for Johnson, since she has a house and family in the Philippines and may be a flight risk, according to the documents. 

Her bond was set for $250,000 and she pleaded not guilty during her arraignment on Friday, according to AZ Family.

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